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Green Tourism Canada Gift

GTC Adopted us a Lynx

In lieu of gifts and cards, GreenStep and Green Tourism Canada have symbolically adopted a Canadian Lynx from World Wildlife Fund Canada, on behalf of its Green Tourism members and partners.

Lynx live in the boreal and montane forests of North America including the northern forests of Canada, Europe and Asia. This quiet hunter generally ranges in size from that of an average domestic cat to six times larger, carrying most of its weight in its heavy torso.

Depletion of its primary prey such as rabbits and other small mammals due to development is an ongoing concern for the lynx. While an adult lynx needs about one rabbit a day to thrive, a mother raising her young needs to catch about three.

Hunting and trapping the lynx for their furs have depleted their numbers in some areas around the world. Habitat destruction and degradation are forcing the lynx to adapt to unfamiliar environments and stresses.

This gift supports WWF-Canada’s work to help the lynx by preserving networks of protected areas across Canada’s North to secure habitat for the species as well as other wildlife. WWF-Canada has a long track record of success in building sustainable development solutions that benefit wildlife, nature and people.

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