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About Us

You know that intangible feeling of “home”? That feeling of comfort, familiarity and belonging? You’ll find it here.

Yes, we’re a place to stay and to eat, to celebrate and to unwind, to get married and to host a retreat. But we’re also a place where our wedding couples have returned a year later, greeting us all like family. Where our guests come to disconnect and to reconnect, and to gather with friends and family. Where they come to sit by a crackling fire and a cascading river, on a lush green lawn, under big shady trees and snow-capped mountain peaks, watching squirrels rummage and eagles soar.

We’re somewhere you’re likely to run into your neighbour, your vet, your hairdresser, your grocery store clerk, your physio; an extension of our community’s backyard.

We’re that place where our vendors and partners drop-in just because they want to stop in and say hello, and not because they feel like they have to.

We’re that local business that takes global stewardship seriously, firmly believing that all change starts with a ripple and that we have the power to start it, same as everyone else.

We’re a family-owned business, where even the owners’ young children know our staff’s names (and have probably asked them to kick a football or build a treehouse). This is where being part of our employee family means we have each others’ backs, supporting each other in the face of adversity and laughing through the hardest days and the brightest ones too.

They say home is where the heart is… We have heart here.