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Pet-Friendly Cabins

There is no need to leave your beloved pets behind while you go on a little getaway! At Sunwolf, we offer pet-friendly riverside cabins for your Squamish accommodations and we want to make your stay as easy and as fun as possible for the whole family .

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All pets are welcome!

We don’t discriminate! Dogs, cats, turtles, and even reindeer have come and stayed at Sunwolf. We do, however, expect all guests visiting with pets to be respectful of our other guests, their pets and our property:

  • Please keep pets on leash while at Sunwolf. There are train tracks, a busy road, a rushing river, a fire pit, plenty of wildlife and not all guests are comfortable with pets. Let’s keep everyone safe and happy!
  • Please pick up after your pets (even if there’s snow or leaves on the ground to cover it, or nobody’s looking). We provide poop bags and disposal bins in a few spots around the property.
  • We don’t recommend leaving your pets alone in your cabin. If you do need to leave your pet behind while you run out, please put them in a crate. Even the mildest-mannered pet can panic in a new environment. They’ll be most comfortable in their crate when they’re alone. We have also provided you with an emergency information card to hang on your door when they’re there. Just in case!
  • Your pets are on holiday too and we want them to be as comfortable as you are! We’ll provide a bed, food/water bowls, towel and an organic vegetable-based treat .

To cover the additional cleaning required once your pet checks out, we charge $20 per pet, per night.

Where to go?

Pet-friendly cabins are great, but you’re probably not going to spend your whole days indoors while you’re here.

While we don’t have any trails that lead straight from our property, there are plenty of them all around Squamish. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just want to stroll around, there are plenty of pet-friendly trail options for you.

The best part about that list is that degree of difficulty is independent of the attainable views: you’re welcome to climb mountains, of course, but you can also get a beautiful vista without all that effort if you so choose.

Win a $200 Sunwolf gift card!

We can only assume you’re already taking pictures of your adorable pets while you’re here (is it even possible not to??) Let’s put them to good use!


Share your photos and videos of your pets at Sunwolf on Instagram, tag us (@sunwolfbc) and use hashtag #wolvesofsunwolf

Each season, we’ll pick a winner at random and share your photo or video on our channels. You’ll receive a $200 Sunwolf gift card which can be redeemed towards a stay in one our Riverside Cabins!

puppy in the autumn leaves
Photo by Sofia Warrington


  • Entries only valid if posted on Instagram feed (IG stories are cute and may be shared of course, but are not considered valid giveaway submissions)
  • Pictures and videos must be appropriate (not breaking any of our rules or policies, or those of Instagram) and taken on our property.
  • Winner’s gift card must be used within one year of the announced win and is only valid for a stay in one of our Riverside Cabins. Subject to availability.
  • Use our Wolves of Sunwolf sign for fun, (but you don’t have to)! You’ll find it on the main lawn in front of Fergie’s Cafe.
three dogs with wolves of sunwolf sign
Photo by Sofia Warrington