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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor vs Indoor Venue

Congratulations! You’re engaged to a wonderful person you want to spend the rest of your life with – time to celebrate! But how? And where? Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding venue?

Whichever you choose, each has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. We’ve collected the top reasons couples we’ve hosted were happy with choosing an outdoor venue for their big day.

1. Mother Nature is beautiful.

There. We said it. Why work too hard at transforming a hall, when you have natural greenery and decorations ready-made? You’re celebrating connections, family and lives coming together, and Mother Nature embodies it all. At Sunwolf, you’re free to do as much or as little with the canvas available to you, just as long as you’re not damaging our trees, shrubs and lawn. It means your wedding is as unique as you are.

outdoor wedding venue tent
Photo by Tomasz Wagner

2. Celebration AND vacation!

If you’re renting a hall, your guests are coming in for the ceremony, the dinner, the party and that’s it. It’s over. Hopefully you’ll have had enough time to say hello to each of your family and friends who came out to celebrate with you. Don’t want to feel rushed? You can rent a beautiful outdoor venue like Sunwolf for two or more nights – that’s twice the opportunity to spread the love and you get to truly step out of your daily life to take in this special day.

Photo by Darby Magill

3. It’s just more fun.

No really, think about it: when you have an indoor wedding, you’re probably offering a delicious dinner and a dance floor. This is great and you can definitely have both at an outdoor venue as well. Why limit yourself though? Keeping in mind that not all of your guests will want or be able to dance, and may not even like noisy crowds – they have nowhere to get away indoors.

Outdoor wedding venues give your guests a chance to cut the rug or step away to a fire pit, lawn games, and in the case of Sunwolf, stargazing by the river. There’s something for everyone this way!

Photo by Darby Magill

What about the food though?

Glad you asked. We can’t speak for all outdoor wedding venues, but we can tell you about our catering services. In short, they’re drool-worthy. If you’ve ever visited our award-winning Fergie’s Cafe, you’ll know what we’re talking about because it’s the same team cooking. Choose from a delicious selection of locally sourced menu items ranging from house-smoked beef brisket with our tasty house rub to grilled wild sockeye salmon or tender local free range BBQ chicken.

Are you or your guests vegan? Need gluten-free options? No problem! Whatever your preferences, we have mouth-watering options you won’t regret.

Photo by Darby Magill

Is an outdoor wedding venue right for everyone?

No! If you like your creature comforts, glitz and glam, you will want to book your wedding somewhere that provides all that. But if you want something off the beaten path, perhaps an outdoor wedding venue is what you’re looking for?

Sunwolf is a forested 5.5 acre property at the confluence of two rivers. We offer the perfect middle ground between a wedding in the wild and the comforts of plumbing and heating. You get the lush green rain forest backdrop, the comforts of home, and city-style catering to satisfy even the most discerning palette.

Need more info? Check our weddings page or contact our team directly!

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