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6 Things To Do in Squamish this January

Goodbye Winter Blues

The new year has started and with it more adventures are coming! Winter has already announced her presence with periodic snowfall. For some of us, that means perfect weather for curling up by the fire; for others, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore the winter wonderland. Happily for us all, Squamish offers options to suit every need.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite things to do around town in January

1. Snowshoe and Fondue at Sea To Sky Gondola

This one tops our list because it’s the best of both worlds. Explore the magical snow-covered forest trails and then warm up with a delicious fondue – does it get any better?

2. Trivia Night at A-Frame Brewing Co.

Tuesday is an odd day of the week: it doesn’t have the universally understood “blah” aspect of Monday, but it’s still ever so far from the weekend… That’s where Trivia Night at A-Frame comes in to save the day! Collect teams of up to 5 and kick Tuesday night to the curb.

4. Brackendale Eagle Festival

Did you know Squamish (and more specifically, Brackendale) is well-known as  a Bald Eagle hotspot in North America? We get hundreds of them visiting every winter and January is a prime eagle spotting month! You can see them as you roam around any day of the week, but there are educational events throughout the month at the Brackendale Art Gallery worth checking out as well.

4. Eagle Floats with Squamish Rafting Company

Speaking of eagles: yes, many are easily viewable from the riverside, but there’s nothing quite like floating quietly by on the river, looking up at a dozen eagles in a single tree. You’re also likely to see some of our other coastal wildlife from this unique vantage point.

5. Drop-In Trampoline Workshop at Airhouse Squamish

Take your Friday nights to new heights at the Airhouse! There are plenty of programs where children are welcome but the end of the week is reserved for 18+. Coaches are there to help take your trampolining skills to a whole new level.

6. Fitness Classes at Wild Life Gym

‘Tis the season for resolutions! Let’s face it though, unless you believe in what you’re doing, those habits aren’t going anywhere and gyms can be intimidating! Wild Life Gym is unconventional and are committed to training smarter, not harder. Regardless of age or fitness level, Wile Life caters to all. They have classes for strength and conditioning, athletic training, mobility and yoga.