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3 ways to beat the rain in Squamish this fall

Fall has arrived on the west coast and with it comes a shift in the weather. This means rain, sun, more rain, a sunny patch followed by some drizzle. Don’t listen to the Debbie Downers – it’s still a fun time to be around. Here are some things to do in Squamish this fall!

It’s wildlife season.

Salmon are doing their yearly battle upstream which brings the bears and the eagles won’t be far behind.

Did you know that Squamish once held the world record for most eagles in a region? We get an average of one to two thousand per year, but there were 3,769 eagles counted here in 1994.

Our neighbourhood has one of North America’s highest seasonal concentrations of bald eagles. Hundreds of them flock to the Squamish, Cheakamus, and Mamquam Rivers every year to feast on the Chum salmon run.

Peak viewing time is December/January, though they start growing in numbers in November and start dwindling through February.

Starting in October, you can find some very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers spending every weekend at the eagle viewing shelter in Brackendale down the road from us.

While you can find these impressive raptors even on a casual walk by the river, the best way to take in the sheer volume of eagles in the region is by going on The Squamish Rafting Company’s wilderness and eagle viewing float – they provide the wet weather gear, hearty bowl of chili, hot beverage AND dessert. There’s no downside!

“No such thing as bad weather – only bad gear”

Squamish, BC is located in a temperate rainforest and yes, at this time of year, it rains a lot. Avoid cabin fever by getting outside!

We have so many trails to choose from that it’s kind of a crime to stay indoors. Tourism Squamish has a good list on their website, including this one of dog-friendly trail options. Don’t have a dog? Borrow one from a friend! They’re a great excuse to get out there. BONUS: you’re more likely to see eagles when it’s raining. You’re welcome.

Staying dry is the key to enjoying the outdoors unless you’re going swimming. You could drop a lot of money on good gear – OR if you don’t have a few hundred dollars lying around, there are plenty of affordable options too.

Warm up from the inside with great local fare.

We can’t offer you our beloved Fergie’s Cafe at the moment (we are rebuilding!) but we also know that the list of delicious local flavours certainly doesn’t end with us. There are so many options, you could easily fill up every weekend between now and spring with meals from different restaurants.

The following list is in no way an exhaustive one of the deliciousness you’ll find around town, but it’s a starting point.

Still want more? Here’s even more meal inspiration, plus there’s the Squamish section of the BC Ale Trail, and our local Squamish craft tasting trail (with prizes!) which goes beyond beer to also include coffee, kombucha and everything in between.

For more inspiration on what to do in the rain around here, check out the Tourism Squamish rain-o-meter.

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